PRINCE DE FRANCE is the first French luxury brand dedicated exclusively to products for men. PRINCE DE FRANCE is a guarantee. Our products are designed with the utmost care, and all raw materials are meticulously selected to provide one outstanding quality: that of excellence.
PRINCE DE FRANCE is a highly-charismatic brand and this is reflected in its logo that is at once historical and contemporary, conservative and liberal, discreet and yet visible, classic with a rebellious streak. The PRINCE DE FRANCE image is modern in design and traditional in terms of what it represents.
Apart from the logo itself, PRINCE DE FRANCE has two distinctive features that appear discreetly but unashamedly on its products.
  • Royal Blue
    Blue has always been the colour of the kings of France. As the colour of the sea and sky, it represents the infinite and the divine. Royal blue incites us to dream of far-flung destinations, and evokes peace, tranquillity, purity and loyalty. PRINCE DE FRANCE's use of Royal Blue reflects this thousand-year-old tradition.
  • Diamonds
    The other symbol of the kings of France is precious stones: diamonds, rubies, sapphires and emeralds. They are a sign of wealth found on clothing and accessories, and naturally, no crown is without them. Faithful to this legacy, PRINCE DE FRANCE has chosen the lozenge, the simplified form of the stones from its crown logo, to create PRINCE DE FRANCE's signature pattern.
PRINCE DE FRANCE has created Le Club for its best customers. Thanks to a personal membership card, members can gain access whenever they wish to the private Salon located in each of our boutiques. The members of Le Club will be invited to some exceptional, exclusive events around the world and have access to certain unique PRINCE DE FRANCE products which they alone will be able to purchase.
More than just a brand, PRINCE DE FRANCE is a way of life. It is a way of being and thinking for men seeking perfection. The PRINCE DE FRANCE man is always on a journey; a journey into French tradition and elegance. PRINCE DE FRANCE has become a sign of recognition, the signature of those who count in this world.
We select the best to ensure that what we offer is unique. PRINCE DE FRANCE attaches particular importance to the raw materials used in its products. The raw materials must not only be of a quality that is beyond reproach, but must also adhere to the strictest standards in terms of the environment and social responsibility. The origin of our products is a commitment on our part.
All our products are made in a traditional way; this is a pledge of quality. To ensure that our products are perfect, our craftsmen spend a long time on the details and finishing touches for each one. Men and women work meticulously, employing expertise handed down from generation to generation. This is the secret behind the quality of the PRINCE DE FRANCE products.