The PRINCE DE FRANCE corner is designed to offer a space to discover the leather goods collection. A space where luxury and voluptuousness attract the customer. The warm, predominantly grey and gold atmosphere, with hints of royal blue, is in harmony with the products that we design; luxury, tradition and precision.
PRINCE DE FRANCE stores are doted with unique architecture. They have been specially designed by our team to fulfil but one objective: to provide a unique experience. The result is as astonishing as it is innovative. A crown rises from the floor, alongside two enormous diamonds and a display case. The technology in the store window flirts with the modern, rebellious structure; the result is totally unexpected. For anyone passing by this exceptional space, only one idea comes to mind: to go in.

Once inside the store, the customer discovers a truly special world. A warm and luxurious atmosphere, predominantly grey and gold with touches of royal blue. The customer is now king and our products are at his service. Once inside the crown, the central space is just begging to be discovered. The customer can look, touch, try and buy. Two diamonds lie alongside this crown and inside is something totally unexpected: a fitting room worthy of a palace and a private salon to make a purchase while enjoying a glass of champagne. There has never been another sales outlet quite like it.

An experience worth sharing. Walking into a PRINCE DE FRANCE store is not like walking into an ordinary store: a PRINCE DE FRANCE store is like no other. The exterior will astonish and the interior, enchant. With an average of 150 square metres of luxurious space, all stores feature innovative volumes, comfort-oriented technology, pioneering fitting room design, a private salon and more...
PRINCE DE FRANCE stores are an innovative concept and when customers leave, they will always have their next visit in mind.